Under the Auspices of Minister of Transportation and Chairman of CAMA, CAMA Honors Its Employees

H.E. Minister of Transportation- Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami stressed the importance of the role of the labors in building the country, its prosperity and development in all vital fields that ensure the future of its children and generations on the basis of fixed principles and by new national visions. "Workers and labors in the Republic of Yemen have demonstrated

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CAMA Organizes Second Awareness Seminar on Creativity and Innovation

With the aim of encouraging creativity and innovation and encouraging the employees to contribute to the improvement of CAMA's services and performance, as well as providing an empowering environment for employees skills and unleashing creativity and innovation as part of CAMA's innovation strategy

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Supreme National Committee for Civil Aviation Safety and Security Holds Its First Meeting

The Supreme National Committee for Civil Aviation Safety and Security held its first meeting of this year in Sana'a on 30th April 2019 under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs- Major General/ Jalal Al-Ruwaishan. At the meeting, which was attended by the Chairman of CAMA- Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader, Deputy

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Yemen Celebrates World Day of Creativity and Innovation

The Republic of Yemen represented by CAMA together with the other World countries celebrated the Innovation and Creativity World Day which coincided with 21st April 2019 of each year. In the celebration that was attended by Mr. Mohammed Sharif – Asst. Deputy Chairman of Airports Sector, Mr. Abdullah Al-Motawakil- Asst. Deputy Chairman of Air

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