Ministry of Transport & Its Affiliated Authorities Leaders Visit of Martyr -Al-Sammad's Tomb and "Al-Khamsin" Martyrs' Garden

The Leadership of the Ministry of Transport and its affiliated authorities visited the tomb of the martyr- President/ Saleh Al-Samad and his escorts in the capital-Sana'a,

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Al-Samaei Stresses Victory of Yemeni People with Their Legendary Steadfastness

The member of the Supreme Political Council- Brigade/ Sultan Al-Samaei stressed that the Yemeni people have triumphed with their legendary steadfastness

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Ministry of Transport Celebrates Annual Martyr Memoriam

The Ministry of Transport and its affiliated authorities organized on 31st December 2020 Oratorical Event on the occasion of the Annual Martyr Memoriam (1442) honoring the martyrs families. In the event that was attended by Dr. Hamid Al-Mezjaji- Minister of the State and Mr. Abdulellah Hajar- the Supreme Political Council’s Advisor, H.E. Brigade/ Zakaria Al-Shami- Minister of Transport considered martyrdom for the sake of Home a great merit granted to the martyr from Allah the Almighty. He also pointed to the importance of celebrating the annual Martyr Memoriam in recognition to the sacrifices endured by the martyrs in confronting the aggression. He said: “our martyrs marched on the right path relying on Allah by the Quran March Approach”; stressing that the martyrs achieved great gains and achievements for themselves, families and Home country.

The Minister Al-Shami affirmed that the sacrifices of martyrs made victory and freedom, paying attention to the importance of perceiving the lessons and principles

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Ministry of Legal Affairs Grants Legal Affairs Directorate General of CAMA Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation

The Ministry of Legal Affairs granted a Certificate of Recognition And Appreciation to the Directorate General Legal Affairs of CAMA for obtaining the fourth rank in

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